We partnered with Vision and Colour (VAC) to create the largest EDM festival in Central China. Over 30,000 people attended the inaugural event, immediately making it one of the largest domestic IP festivals in China. Versa was brought in to procure talent, design the branding and oversee the festival’s creative strategy and programming.

Additionally, we supported our partners by handling all contracting, bi-lingual advancing, logistics and artist integration. 

After the success of the first year we expanded the IP portfolio to include a sub-brand named Infinity, which launched in March 2019. With over 31,000 people attending the first event it broke the record for the largest indoor dance music show ever in China and also broke the record for the longest stage ever in Asia (at over 650ft).

We continue to expand our reach in China by building a network of clubs to route tours in alongside our marquee festivals.